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Archaeology Lesson Plans
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Activities and Projects for Archaeology for Kids and Teachers

Interactive Online Games about Archaeology for Kids

Teaching Archaeology in the Classroom, complete instructions and handouts for - Cookie Excavation, Archaeology Goes to the Movies, Archaeology Crossword Puzzle Relay, Peanut Butter and Jelly Archaeology, and more - a fabulous resource

Archaeology: History Found in Pieces (grades 5-12)

Mock Shipwreck: Maritime Archaeology - A Mock Shipwreck for the Classroom, instructions, lesson and activity

Think Like an Archaeologist, lesson plans

Amazing Archives

Artifacts, fictional writing based on artifacts from the past, FREE worksheet from teachers pay teachers (This uses 2 ancient Roman artifacts, but any two artifacts from any ancient civilization would work.)

Archaeological Institute Lesson Plans

Archaeology Program, Teacher Resources and Lesson Plans from the National Park Service

Decoding the Past: The Work of Archaeologists
(Smithsonian, 3 lessons)

What can we learn from artifacts?- lesson and activity

Archaeology in the Classroom - It's about time

Scroll down to the Stone Age, Bronze Age, Iron Age - interactive picture and quiz

Archaeology Lesson Plans (many)

Interactive Online Quiz Questions with Answers for Archaeology for Kids and Teachers

How does stuff end up in a museum?

Archaeology from reel to reel, a special report

State by State Guide museums in your area

Free Archaeology Presentations in PowerPoint format

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Ancient Civilizations:
Opening Unit (Archaeology/Early Man)

This book has three complete mini-units -
Five Themes of Geography, Archaeology, and Early Humans.