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Archaeology for Kids
Fossils & Artifacts

An archaeologist must know the different between an artifact and a fossil. This is very important because archaeologists do not look for fossils. That's a different science. Archaeologists looks for artifacts!

  • Fossils are the remains of living things (plants, animals, people), not of things that were made.

  • Artifacts are the remains of things that were made, not the remains of living things.

Can you tell the difference between
an artifact and a fossil?
Let's find out!

1. While planting my garden, I found an old bone. Did I find a fossil or an artifact?

2. While exploring the woods near my house, I found an arrowhead. Did I find a fossil or an artifact?

The answer is:

1. A fossil. A bone is the remains of something that was once living.

2. An artifact. An arrowhead is something that was made.

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