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Some Famous Archaeologists

Every archaeologist who has dug in the sands of Egypt, in the Valley of the Kings, has dreamed of finding the tomb of a king. Many did! Unfortunately, many the tombs they found were empty. The tombs had been robbed a very long time ago. By the 1900s, most people had given up finding a new tomb to discover in the valley. But one man did not agree. He believed there was at least one tomb left to be discovered, that of the boy king Tutankhamen. That archaeologist was a man named Howard Carter.

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Archaeologist: Howard Carter (Discovered King Tut's Tomb)

Talk Origins: Archaeologist: Eugene Dubois, Don Johanson (Discovered Lucy), Louis Leakey, Mary Leakey, Richard Leakey

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Louis and Mary Leakey

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Heinrich Schliemann

Ancient Troy

Excavations of Homeric Troy

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