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Archaeology for Kids

An archaeologist is a scientist. Archaeologists study man-made objects from the distant past to learn more about the development of various civilizations. Archaeologists are not interested in fossils, although they turn up quite a few while looking for artifacts.

For Kids

What is the job of an archaeologist?

What is the difference between a fossil and an artifact?

What is a site?

How do archaeologists find sites to explore?

Do they need permission to dig?

Grids and Labeling

Tools of the Trade

Back in the Lab

Howard Carter (This page includes information provided by  Thank you Biography for your help!

Some Famous Archaeologists

Pottery & China

Ages - Stone Age, Bronze Age, Iron Age - info & PowerPoints

Investigate Real Life Artifacts

Now that you more about archaeology, see how well you can play these games! Good Luck!

Test Yourself: Interactive Online Quiz about Archaeology (with answers!)  

For Teachers

Activities and Projects for Archaeology

Lesson Plans and Units for Teachers

PowerPoints about Archaeology

Interactive Online Quiz about Archaeology

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