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Archaeology Lesson Plans


Ancient History Lesson Ideas: Archaeology (Donn)

Archaeology from reel to reel

Decoding the Past: The Work of Archaeologists
(Smithsonian, 3 lessons)

Archaeology Dig

Core Knowledge - Digging into our Past

Archaeology Lesson Plans

Archaeological Activity Guide for Teachers, free, 116 pages

Archaeology in the Classroom - It's about time

Art and Artifacts- the Cultural Meaning of Objects

Methods of Collecting Information

Create Your Own Dig

Mysteries of Catalhoyuk

Mysteries of Archaeology - Where did these sites go?

State by State Guide museums in your area

Field Trips: Archaeological Parks in the US

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Ancient Civilizations:
Opening Unit (Archaeology/Early Man)

This book has three complete mini-units -
Five Themes of Geography, Archaeology, and Early Humans.