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Howard Carter was an artist, like his father

Howard Carter was only 17 years old when he first went to Egypt in 1891. He worked as a painter for some of the best egyptologists of his time. He was a good painter and a quick learner. It was not long before Howard Carter was quite well known among egyptologists. As his fame grew, so did the importance of his jobs. For a while, Howard Carter was the Inspector General of the monuments of Upper Egypt.

While he was Inspector General, Howard Carter installed electric lights in the Valley of the Kings. The lights allowed archaeologists and diggers to better see what they were doing. The lights also brought in the tourists. Some tourists were respectful and careful. But some were not careful at all. One day, Howard Carter had an especially loud fight with some tourists. As a result, Howard Carter resigned as Inspector General. But he did not leave Egypt.

He continued to work as a painter. He also became an antique dealer. Whenever he found funding, he worked as an excavator. (He did not call himself an Egyptologist.)

In November 1922, while working as an excavator, Howard Carter found King Tut's tomb. It had been overlooked for many years because it was such a small tomb. It was filled with treasures! Howard Carter became world famous. (As did King Tut's tomb.)

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