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Archaeology for Kids
Games & Activities

Dig Deeper

Bone Yard

The Mysteries of Catalhoyuk

The Dirt on Clay - Be an Archaeologist (pbs)

Dirt Detective

Hunt the Ancestors

Raiders of the Lost Art

Egyptian Tomb Adventure

Egyptian Adventure - Try to Get Out ALIVE! 

Aton-Ra - The Lost Statue

Virtual Cartouche Maker 

Hieroglyphics (interactive) 

Write your name in hieroglyphics

Send a Buried Message  

Curator Collection game 

King Tut Online Games & Activities

The Mummy Maker

Making a Mummy

Mummies and the Underworld Challenge

The Mummy Tomb 

Lots More Mummy Games

Giza Pyramid

More Pyramid Games

I read it in the Book of the Dead

Welcome to Eternity Travel - Plan Your Afterlife (game) 

Shuffling Time

Tools of the Trade

Deep in the Tombs of Egypt 

Design a Greek Pot (and more Greek Fun)

Ancient Roman Streets - What does not belong?

Terrible Tombstones & Problem Pots

Investigate a Roman Soldier & Dress the Roman Soldier

Murals and Mosaics

Alien Adventures - The Romans

Flip and Match

Can you name these famous structures?

Divers Quest 

Ask Mr Dig archive  

State by State Guide museums in your area

Free Ancient History Games


Explore Archaeology  

Stories & Games

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Free Templates

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